Print Ad Mystery


Let's try to unravel the mystery of print advertising in Real Estate. A few years ago, when homes were virtually selling overnight, print ads were everywhere. The racks at your local grocery store were full of Real Estate magazines and publications. There were a half a dozen or so and they were bulging. Today, when there are more homes on the market than ever, those publications are practically nonexistent. When you can find one it's paper thin, a few pages. Why?

Real Estate 101: Many print publications have an ad placement cutoff that's weeks prior to publication/distribution. Many have a 30 day shelf life. In a good market, chances are that a property is sold long before the ad gets noticed.

So why advertise there? Get your name out and get Listings. That's the number one priority for agents. Listings make the phone ring. In a good market they sell in short order so get your name out there, get more listings. That's the training and that's the typical agents’ business model.

Internet Advertising: The internet is the only place to find current information on homes for sale., for example, is the # 1 site for real estate searches. The listing info updates automatically from your local MLS. Additionally there are dozens of real estate sites where your property can be advertised effectively.  A Flat Fee MLS listing not only gets you listed in your local MLS but guarantees that your For Sale By Owner Listing will be seen on all local and national Real Estate sites. ( get your listing the internet exposure that will get it sold.