Unlike many, we'd like you to know exactly what to expect from us and some of the basic MLS rules that we are required to follow as MLS member participants. Regardless of which listing service you use the same rules will apply. Many Listing Companies on line today are referral companies, not actual Realtor® members of your local MLS. They may be unfamiliar with local MLS rules. They cannot actual list your property in the MLS but will eventually refer it to an affiliate, like us, that can.  We ask that our customers help us stay in compliance with the MLS and the Real Estate Board rules.

United Brokers ltd
is a Real Estate Corporation established in 1991. The firm/broker is currently licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia. United Brokers ltd offers several Fixed Flat fee MLS Listing Service Bundles. The Fixed Flat Fee is for the services outlined in our service bundles. The flat fee is a reduced fee as opposed to the percentage typically charged for full service brokerage and shall be earned when the property is entered/uploaded into the desired Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We make no representation or guarantee regarding the salability of the property. Seller acknowledges that all required forms & agreements, including a Listing Agreement & Property Information (Listing Input Form)  must be completed, executed and returned to United Brokers before the listing will be effective/accepted and can be activated. North Carolina listings require a sketch of the perimeter of the structure with measurments sufficient to verify square feet. United Brokers ltd will perform no real estate services without a seller/owner executed  agreement. The listing effective/activation date, shall be the date when all photos and documents have been submitted, the date signed/accepted by Broker. Seller(s) agrees to promptly notify United Brokers ltd, in writing, when there is a change in the status or availability of the property (we are required to timely report changes to MLS). Seller shall promptly remit a sales contract to United Brokers immediately upon execution and a copy of the HUD settlement statement upon closing (commission requires us to maintain a file for each listing).

We do not collect a fee at closing unless you have selected the optional negotiations and closing package.

The property will be listed in the specified Realtors ® Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The name of the  MLS (from site map) will be specified in the agreement or on your order form. MLS service areas rarely but occasionally overlap in certain areas therefore seller should specify the desired MLS. In some areas it may be possible to enter a listing in more than one MLS (Call For Details). We are members of and have knowledge of only those MLS's specified on the service area page of this site (Click on your county on our interactive map to find the MLS where we offer coverage in your area). Seller shall be responsible for verifying that the MLS where we offer coverage is the MLS that they desire, prior to ordering.

The listing term   varies from 6 to 12 months depending on the bundle selected but may be renewed or extended in 180 day increments for a $100 renewal or extension fee. The renewal must be received no later than the listing expiration date or the listing will automatically expire.


Sellers may terminate the listing agreement anytime upon giving United Brokers 48 hours written notice except in the event that an Offer to Purchase has been executed for the sale of the property in which case the agreement may not be terminated.


All listing agreement changes (price and term changes) must be submitted on the Listing Change Form and must be signed and dated by all property owners (MLS rule). Price & Terms Changes are free & may be made as often as desired. The MLS may be updated with text and format changes within 7 days of publication. Reasonable changes are expected and we make every effort to accomidate our sellers. Excessive changes will require a $25 change fee. The listing can include  from  up to the desired MLS maximum number of seller provided photo. At least one 1 (street view) is required. You may replace/substitute new photos within 7 days of listing publication; however $50 will be charged for photo exchanges there after. If the client wishes to add additional pictures after the 7 day period there will be a $25 fee. 



MLS listings automatically disseminate to Realtor.com®,  MLS Member Company Sites and   many high exposure home search sites through the ListHub.com (where available) Point2 Syndication (where available), Google, Yahoo, Realtor® Association Sites and many other real estate related web sites. Nearly all Real Estate Companies provide MLS searches on their sites where member MLS listings can be viewed. United Brokers can not directly control the content on any site other than the MLS where your property is listed. We forward leads when recieved but several sites sell leads to agents which is beyound our control . Listings on Web Sites (excluding the MLS) are subject to Local MLS Syndication Networks and to the availability of each site which may or may not be available at certain times. The graphic displayed depicts every available site and the actually sites utilized will differ with local MLS availability. Once listed, the listing could be removed from a site if a program ends, if a particular web site terminates or if the web site eligibility requirements change. Some MLS areas have been renegotiating with zillow which has interupted the feed in some cases. This is beyond our control as we do not directly control  our listings on zillow. When a listing is terminated/withdrawn from MLS it could take several days before the listing is removed from all web sites. Seller has been advised that United Brokers Ltd does not have direct control over the removal of a listing from any site other than the actual MLS system or a United Brokers site. United Brokers Ltd makes every effort to effect the publication of listings on the sites listed in its’ Flat Fee Listing Bundles however no guarantee is made that any listing will be published on any site or sites for the duration of the listing term or any extension thereof, excluding MLS.


Some MLS rules permit only 1 sign on the property and specify that sign must be that of the Listing Brokerage. If this is the case in your area no FSBO signs are permitted. If you choose to use your  own contact number it must be preceeded by "Call Seller". The seller/customer is responsible for checking on local restrictions on the use of yard or for sale signs and agrees to use sign/marketing material at his own risk. The property listing will be withdrawn from the MLS and the listing agreement can be terminated for MLS rule and sign violations. The listing broker is subject to fines for MLS rules violations.  


We have optional Agent Electronic Supra Lock Box for many MLS regions.  Please call for details and availability in your area. You may use any combination key box in most MLS areas. SC Coastal MLS, Central VA & REIN  have special rules for Keyboxs other than the official Realtors® Supra Key Box (Call for details).  We charge $100 for the use of the electronic box and a $110 deposit (refunded upon return). United Brokers ltd can provide a combination key-box for a small fee in most areas and they are available at local retail stores. Customer is responsible for the use and acknowledges the risks associated with using a key-box.


 Most  MLS utilize a call center or scheduling service such as Centralized Showings Service or Eshowings.com to schedule agent showings.  I f so, it is free . If not United Brokers can arrange scheduling on your property if service is available in your area. Our cost is currently $25/listing and the service is good to canceled. These services make scheduling much easier for agents and homeowners alike. You may utilize this optional service for a 1 time $25 set-up fee. If a showing service is not available/utilized sellers will be responsible for scheduling their own showings with agents. Contact phone numbers and instructions can be entered in the non-public comments section in MLS. Only agents can view this contact information.


All agents will be instructed to fax all offers to us and then to present all offer directly to the seller and negotiate directly with seller unless the negotiations and closings bundle has been selected. Seller(s) contact information will be posted in the non-public remarks in MLS. United Brokers ltd does not provide escrow service and buyer agents should be so informed. Your attorney, the buyers’ agent or the closing attorney may provide escrow services upon request. Seller(s) agree to report all status changes immediately to United Brokers ltd. We must report status changes to MLS and are fined for not doing so. You agree to reimburse us for fines imposed by MLS  for your failure to report status changes within 24 hours. Status changes occur when you accept an offer (we must change the status to contingent/pending) or when you decide not to sell (change status to withdrawn), etc.


Seller(s) agree to comply with: all regulations (Local, Federal, and State) that pertain to the sale of the property, MLS rules & local ordinances and/or homeowner association rules regarding sign placement. Seller(s) understand and agree that the listing agreement outlines the terms, conditions, and circumstances where the buyers agent compensation/commission are due and payable. A buyer's agent commission of 2.5% or more is recommended. Commissions are always negotiable. We reserve the right not to accept listings where the terms of sale/listing are deemed unconventional/unacceptable by the listing broker. It is the policy of United Brokers ltd not to accept listings where the buyer's agent commission/compensation is less than 2%.


Seller(s) understands that no refund will be given once property is listed in the MLS. We begin processing your listing immediately upon receipt of your order by searching tax, deed and recording records. If you cancel prior to MLS publication a $50 cancelation /processing fee will be deducted from any amount paid. No refund will be given after 15 days for any reason. Listings will be terminated when payments are returned, disputed or challenged. We reserve the right not to list certain property or renew/extend certain listings due to area changes, title issues, seller issues, or circumstances deemed problematic. Once terminated listings can not be reinsted. Seller will be emailed a copy of their listing upon publication. Seller is responsible for reviewing the listing for accuracy and submitting corrections/omissions to United Brokers via email or regular mail. Seller agrees that any claims against United Brokers ltd for any damages suffered as a result of the listing or MLS posting shall be limited to the listing fee paid at the time of service. All required forms with original signatures must be received prior to MLS entry. Seller agrees to promptly submit required forms. Forms may be submitted through Transaction Management, Faxed, Emailed or by Regular Mail. Seller assumes all responsibility/liability for submitting required forms and agreements, input forms, listing content and corrections thereto. Failure to submit required forms and agreements within 30 days of payment will constitute a voluntary cancellation of your order and relieve United Brokers ltd/Steve Toop of any further obligation or liability regarding your Order, MLS Listing or Payment.

United Brokers ltd reserves the right to revise or modify the terms and conditions herein, the Flat Fee Service Bundles, Bundle Prices and Bundle Inclusions at any time. Modifications and changes will take effect when the site is updated and the date of the latest revision will be posted herein. The price, terms, conditions and administrative fees in effect on of the date your flat fee bundle payment is received shall remain in effect throughout the term of your listing.   Purchasers should review listing bundles and these terms and condition immediately prior to listing/submitting their order.  

You must agree to these terms and conditions prior to listing your property. You should print a copy for your records. Last Updated 4/23/09.

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